Skills and Accomplishments  

Public Speaking and Training

* Extensive experience in public speaking and training of clients in business, industry, government, education, and professional associations.

* Established reputation as a trainer with abilities to generate enthusiasm and inspire teamwork.

*Consistently receives excellent evaluations from organizers and participants, along with repeat invitations.

* Continually monitors audience responses and signals to adapt content, timing, and emphasis to meet participants' needs.

* Effective presentations and training seminars given to a wide range of audiences. Balances content and communication style with material, humor, sensitivity and relevant, practical information.

Managing Group Dynamics

* Establishes and maintains rapport and trust within diverse groups by communicating clear objectives, ensuring audience participation and contribution. Adheres to course schedule.

* Keeps audiences focused and on-task. Ensures attainment of training objectives by gaining confirmation, asking pivotal questions and using pertinent examples of principles.

Organizational Leadership

* Provides leadership and direction to decisively motivate participants to reach organizational goals through empowering and effective processes.

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