* "Bob is an outstanding communicator. He is articulate, clear, and candid."

* "Bob’s ability to inspire people to greater achievement is admirable."

* "Bob is informal in style and has an incredible ability to make people feel comfortable."

* "Bob is a very compassionate and skilled instructor. He is doing the right thing in life."

* "Mr. Ash needs to write a book and go on Oprah."

* "The topics made me think about the way I act and behave at work and at home."

* "Bob was uplifting without being sickening or preachy. He was genuine and funny."

* "I would like to thank you for making our Annual Meeting a success. The response to your sessions was overwhelmingly positive."

* "Bob was motivating, had only relevant points to make, and had great stories that enhanced the content."

* "I think Bob Ash is an observer and recorder of human behavior, who turns these observations into examples you can relate to, learn from, and apply."

* "Very much enjoyed Bob's enthusiasm and humor."

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