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Bob's keynote presentations and seminars, teach, inform, and motivate on a wide variety of management and organizational behavior topics. He adapts any program to an all day, half day, or keynote format. Bob will tailor, combine, adjust, or expand topics into greater detail according to client preferences and needs. A presentation handout is emailed to clients in advance, so that copies can be reproduced for attendees at the lowest cost possible. Each presentation includes just the right dose of humor, and depending on length, also includes a movie clip or two to help enhance the instructional format.

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Personal Growth

What Matters Most in Life

We don't get to choose all the cards we get dealt in life, but we do get to choose how we play the cards. The choices we make, as we live our lives to the fullest, will set the example for others - in our homes, workplaces, and communities. Our example needs to demonstrate specific behaviors that are striving to make us the best we can be! We do that by concentrating our efforts on what matters most in life. This presentation focuses on such behaviors ... like service to others, focusing on what is right, not who is right, and refusing to hate.

Priorities & Possibilities: A Lifetime of Choice

We are the choices we make. Often, we choose to work longer hours, which translates into less time for ourselves, our loved ones, friends, and our community interests. While our work intentions may be admirable, we may find ourselves without much of a life outside of the workplace. This presentation is not about time management, instead, it is about life management. We must determine what is truly important in our life, and learn to make those things a true priority. This presentation will provide the tools to discover what is most important to you in the four basic need areas of all human beings. By centering on them, we are working toward a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Your Piece of the Puzzle

Each of us is known by the choices we make in life. These choices ( our puzzle pieces), impact our personal lives, and the lives of those around us. Our greatest influence on others is the example we set each day, both personally and professionally. What are we willing to risk? What is the focus of our dreams? How much do we really care about others? What expectations do we have for ourselves? This presentation centers on how we choose to answer those questions. Plenty of laughter will be shared.

Organizational Culture

The Musketeers Got It Right: All For One, One For All (Building Effective Teams)

Most people remember the famous phrase of the Musketeers, "All for one, one for all". This presentation builds on this timeless maxim as it applies to working together in whatever setting we find ourselves. It can serve as the foundation for the loyalty, respect, and dedication that each of us can choose as human beings. Included in this session is an assessment tool which can be used to measure eight qualities for success. Some of the contributors to success include: Collaboration, communication, selflessness, enthusiasm, and becoming solution oriented.

Creating & Maintaining A Dynamic Workplace

This presentation centers on what can be done to create a dynamic, positive workplace. One that helps us achieve results we can see. In the end, it boils down to specific attitudes and behaviors, not theories, or dreams. Some of the items to be covered include the importance of attitude and laughter; knowing the four basic needs of people; people skills; reducing gossip; and ten ways we can motivate people that don't add to our bottom line.

Providing World Class Customer Service: It Begins Within

Each of us has experienced various levels of customer service -- from fantastic to terrible! What ingredients go into the mix for those who choose to provide "world class customer service"? It is all about making the right behavior choices. These begin within individuals, then within departments, as employees meet the needs of each other, then extend these behaviors to outside customers. Customer service is a way of life, not a promotional campaign. The best of the best choose to go above and beyond the call of duty, and are prepared to repair damaged relationships. They also enjoy what they do -- and it shows!

Managing Change & Promoting Creativity

Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional

Change is constantly occurring both inside and outside our individual lives and workplaces. Our challenge is to understand the change process, while also managing it as proactively
as possible. Central to our approach should be an understanding and acceptance of the fact resistance to change is normal- not negative. We must also understand the six reasons why people resist change. This discussion of resistance needs to take place in an open atmosphere, and include everyone impacted by the approaching change. If it does not, then the discussions will move to the parking lot -- or other venues -- creating more challenges.

Unlock Your Creativity Today!

In today's world the worth of intellectual capital is priceless. The concept of ideas as money, money as ideas, is directly related as to how much we are tapping into our creative potential - both as individuals, and as organizations/businesses. Creativity is intelligence having fun! This presentation will look at ways we can establish "thinking out loud " workplaces where creativity thrives. In order to do so, we must also learn how to help people get rid of their thinking fears. We need to focus on behaviors which help people unlock their creativity instead of stifling it.

Managing Difficult People & Issues

We come in contact with difficult people. Some of them may even be coworkers. So, how do we deal with these individuals in a positive, effective manner? This presentation will help answer this question by first examining proactive behaviors that help create the best climate possible to reduce frustrations and issues which often precede difficult people and issues. We will also discuss how to address situations that must be confronted directly.


Great Leaders Always Wear Clean Underwear

One of the greatest leaders of all time was Mom! She gave us some timeless advice while we were growing up. This presentation will focus on the lessons we learned in our youth, and how they are directly applicable to our lives as adults. For example, what lesson could we learn from the famous admonition: "Wear clean underwear, what if you get in an accident"? Perhaps Mom wasn't just worried about the reflection upon her if one of her children was caught with dirty underwear. Maybe Mom wanted us to be the kind of person who was clean from the inside out. Each of Mom's lessons will be applicable to our personal and professional lives. They will also challenge you.

Teaching Buffalo To Fly Like Geese: Leadership & Teamwork

This presentation will challenge you to reexamine your basic beliefs regarding leadership and teamwork. How can each of us contribute to a work environment which promotes high standards, solid relationships, and trust? Can we achieve relationships that will help us soar to new heights? By studying the behavior of buffalo and geese, we will learn six flying lessons which will help us soar to new altitudes. Buffalo and geese -- an odd combination. Buffalo are led by a single, autocratic leader, while geese share leadership and fly on the strength of one another. How do you compare? Your organization?

Servant Leadership From The Heart

The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, serve first. Then, conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. The servant leader is not afraid of leading with their heart. Our heart triggers our emotions and feelings. It serves as the single most powerful source of human energy, authenticity, and drive. It also offers us a source of intuitive wisdom. Emotions and feelings provide us profitable information every minute of the day. The feedback -- from the heart, not the head, is what ignites creative genius, keeps us honest with ourselves, and shapes trusting relationships. It also provides us with an inner compass for our lives -- both personally and professionally. It guides us to unexpected possibilities, and may even save us from disaster. Included in the mix of this discussion is the impact of primal and emotional intelligence.

Becoming an Ethical Leader

Our workplaces are in need of individuals who choose to become ethical leaders. It is all too common to read or hear reports of individuals or organizations who choose to compromise their integrity. Honor, character, and integrity are the leading behaviors that help create the best ingredient that binds people together -- trust. This presentation begins with each person conducting their own, personal, ethical checkup, which is confidential to the individual. Also discussed is how good people make bad choices, the value of moral intelligence, why people make unethical choices, and ways not to deal with ethical issues. In the end, our word becomes who we are -- individually and corporately..

Earning the Right to Lead

This presentation is based on answering the question, "What gives a man or woman the right to lead?". The answer is not gained by election or appointment. Having position, title, rank or degrees, doesn't make someone a leader. The ability to lead does not come automatically with age or experience either. Nobody can be given the right to lead -- instead, it must be earned. The key to becoming an effective leader is not to focus on making people follow, but on making yourself the kind of person they want to follow. You become the kind of leader they can trust to move them forward. This presentation will focus on the behaviors that we can choose to become such leaders, and also challenge us to grow in six different areas.